The need to escape the city saw Port Douglas raised Reuben Nutt pick up a camera and head for the mountains outside of Brisbane.

The result for the new graduate in International Relations in China is a growing reputation as a wilderness photographer.

At not quite 20 years old, Reuben has an impressive client list, including Tourism Events Queensland and lifestyle and adventure brands. But getting the gig on the Tourism Port Douglas and Daintree Show Me Your Paradise 2018 campaign is especially gratifying for the region’s homegrown son.

“I have been shooting around the region for myself for a long time and it is great to reach a wider audience,” he says.

“For the campaign I supplied video and stills with some of my favourite images, especially the wild places, from dense rainforest and mountain regions and deserted beaches – the Bloomfield Track near Cape Tribulation, Thornton Peak, the Daintree rainforest and Great Barrier Reef Drive.

Bloomfield Track - Image by @reubennutt
Daintree Rainforest - Image by @reubennutt

“I call myself an ‘adventure photographer’. I think it all started as a desire to get out of the city. I disliked uni life and partying and wasting time.

“My work usually takes me to climbing mountains for days on end. The adventure along the way is an important part of it. It’s probably a key part of it and adds to the result. It tells the story through images or moving images.”

Brisbane-based Reuben, who attended Port Douglas State School and St Augustine’s College in Cairns, hopes his work will inspire those locals who have not done so, or haven’t done so for years, to get out and experience the region, to climb the mountains and venture into the rainforest.

Oak Beach - Image by @reubennutt
Cape Tribulation - Image by @reubennutt
Rex Smeal Park - Image by @reubennutt
Oak Beach - Image by @reubennutt
Great Barrier Reef Drive - Image by @reubennutt





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