Being chosen to work with Tourism Port Douglas and Daintree (TPDD) in the Show Me Your Paradise campaign capturing the beauty and charm of the area was a special moment for local photographer Rian Cope.

“I consider Port Douglas home and very special. It is where I met my wife.”

Rex Smeal Park - Image by @riancope

Growing up in the pre-luxury high-rise development desert of Dubai gave Rian an affinity with the quieter places in nature and a good platform from which to compare and appreciate the riotous natural beauty of the Port Douglas and Daintree region.

The award-winning adventurer, filmmaker and photographer used a drone to capture many of the images around Rex Smeal Park, the beach, the water and Dickson Inlet for the TPDD campaign.

Four Mile Beach - Image by @riancope
Dickson Inlet - Image by @riancope

“Life here revolves around the water so I wanted to show life on the beach and in and around the water in video and still shots,” he explains.

“I love my little drone, it enables me to capture a unique angle and perspective that makes you think a little differently about where you live. Seeing it from a new perspective can reinvigorate people’s ideas and help them appreciate where they are.

“It also helps in international destination marketing when images from here are side by side with images of other places.”

Rian left Dubai, where his father was based as an Emirates pilot, to study for a degree in business and tourism on the Sunshine Coast.

“Tropical North Queensland is now a big part of my life. We live in a pretty special part of the world. If I wasn’t doing it for a living I would still be taking photos, it is something I enjoy. Sharing it with other people is a bonus.”

St. Mary's by the Sea - Image by @riancope
Rex Smeal Park sunset - Image by @riancope





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